I am a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in mind-body medicine.  I believe that health is achieved when one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects are balanced. My treatment approach combines scientific research with naturopathic methods such as botanical (herbal) medicine, clinical nutrition, lifestyle modification, homeopathic medicine, TCM/acupuncture and energy medicine to bring the body back to balance. I believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself when under the optimal conditions and as such, work with my patients to uncover the “root cause” of your health concerns. I focus on a personalized approach for each patient and spend time uncovering the obstacles to cure.

I take a mind-body intuitive approach when determining the root cause of your ailments.  I have a deep understanding of the way in which psychology and belief systems affect the body and your health.  Rather than focusing on symptoms alone, I aim to find the hidden causes of illness by looking at the physical, mental, emotional and environmental factors in your life.   I seek to always address you as a whole person and take into account your unique story, using the entire context and the influence it has on your health.

My background

After graduating with Summa Cum Laude honours from the University of California at Los Angeles, I worked for several years in the high-tech industry for Microsoft and Deloitte consulting. While working for an international media firm, I had the opportunity to live in Asia, Europe and the Middle East and study their traditional ways of health, where I realized that my passion lies in integrative healthcare. I completed my academic and clinical training at Canada’s premier institute for naturopathic medicine, the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, where I was acknowledged for my academic excellence.

I am registered to practice Naturopathic Medicine in Ontario with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO).

How I treat

I spend time listening to your story with warmth, compassion and genuine interest. One of my main reasons for going into Naturopathic Medicine was to affect real change in people’s lives. I care. I listen.  My goal is to empower you to make the changes necessary for lasting results. I recognize that everybody has a unique story and therefore create a comprehensive treatment plan just for you.

about dr shalit