My philosophy

My passion lies in helping you discover why you are experiencing illness and how we can empower you to heal yourself.  That means, if you’re looking for an ND who will just prescribe supplements to make you feel better in the short term without digging any further into deeper reasons for your condition, keep looking!  😉

But can’t supplements help me feel better?  Sure they can!  However, supplements aren’t the magic answer to your ailments.  Sure, they can certainly help for specific conditions and sometimes they are vitally important.  However, if I just give you a pill to heal your physical symptoms, what’s going to happen when we remove that pill?  We need to address whatever is causing your symptoms or that energy will manifest in some other symptoms.

But what about my symptoms? Sure, that all sounds good about addressing the cause, but I want my symptoms to go away! Or course you do. This doesn’t mean that your symptoms aren’t important.  They most certainly are! I look at symptoms like I look at the “check engine” light in your car. You don’t just cover the light and keep driving. You look under the hood to find the problem and fix it. Once you fix the problem, the engine light shuts off. That is how I look at symptoms – they are directing me to find the cause. Treat the cause and your symptoms go away.

So then how do you help me get better?  To answer that, let’s look at how the body is supposed to work.  Did you know that you were born with an innate ability to heal?  A prime example is how your body automatically knows how to heal itself when you get a cut.  It releases the appropriate blood cells and chemicals to heal itself, prevent infection, and even grow new skin! Expanding upon this concept, our body as a whole also has an “innate intelligence”. What does that mean? That all your organs and systems know how to work together synergistically to keep you alive and healthy. That’s actually pretty obvious when you think about it. Take your digestive system for example. It’s not just your digestive system in isolation that helps you digest your food. Your circulatory system has to bring blood to the area to nourish your cells with oxygen. Your lymph system has to remove waste from the area. The muscles help move the food through your intestines. You even have a “second brain” (nervous system) in your intestines. If any one of these systems is not working together properly with the digestive system, you will get symptoms. And don’t forget about your thoughts, attitudes and emotions – they also play a huge part in this equation!

The idea here is to find which parts in your body and mind aren’t working well together and get them to communicate effectively again. See, going through life, experiencing stress, trauma, toxins, etc., sometimes the body “forgets” how to communicate with itself and how to heal itself properly. This is when we start experiencing symptoms. We need to get your body back into balance, making sure everything is synchronized and communicating effectively. Most people just needs a little nudge in the right direction to get re-educated back to a place of self-regulating and auto-healing.

Bottom line:  Symptoms are important. They lead us to the bigger picture. I sometimes prescribe supplements or remedies depending on the circumstances but I always have my eye on the bigger picture, which is how we can get your body back to do the job is was so wisely designed to do.