Naturopathic doctors are primary health providers and are qualified to see and treat everyone. The difference in care with an ND is our philosophy and our treatment. We aim to uncover the root cause and we treat using the following therapies (or modalities) depending on your particular needs:

  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Botanical (Herbal) Medicine
  • Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Lifestyle counselling
  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • Physical Medicine

Clinical Nutrition

foods-is-medicine1-606x220Good nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. Like medicine and drugs, food affects the way your body functions: Some foods help you heal, while others damage your body and contribute to chronic illness. A healthy diet – consisting of the right balance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, fibre and amino acids – is the most important tool for your body to manage stress and prevent and recover from illness.   We may ask you to keep a diet diary to help us determine food allergies, sensitivities, digestive issues, risk for disease associated with diet, and overall diet quality. We can then recommend dietary changes to support healthy living and treat any underlying conditions through nutrient-rich foods and nutritional supplements.

Botanical (herbal) medicine

herbal medicineMedicinal plants have been, and will continue to be a valuable part of health care. These plants and plant substances are highly effective and safe in the right dosage and when used correctly with other herbs and treatments. Herbs can be prepared in many forms – teas, tinctures or capsules. Naturopathic doctors are extensively trained in both the art and science of botanical medicine.

It is important to note that some herbal remedies have the potential to cause adverse drug interactions when used in combination with various prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Naturopathic doctors are currently the only health care providers in Canada to be regulated for the use of botanical medicine and can ensure that you are taking botanical medicines in a safe and effective way.

Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine

acupunctureOriginating over 5000 years ago, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical system that has diagnosed, treated and prevented illness for thousands of years and incorporates acupuncture, acupressure, diet, massage, and Asian herbs and foods.

According to TCM, when your energy flow, or Qi (pronounced “chi”) is out of balance, your body cannot adapt to stress, making you more likely to develop chronic illness and pain. TCM seeks to relieve these imbalances by adjusting the circulation of Qi and balancing the forces of yin and yang energy. A harmonious flow of Qi, achieved by balancing cold and heat, internal and external, yin and yang, will help sustain long-term physical, mental and emotional health.

Lifestyle counseling

page lifestyle councellingA central principle of naturopathic medicine is the interdependence of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. By helping you identify and adjust the habits that contribute to ill health, we can help you maintain wellness over the long term. Our emotional understanding of ourselves, our belief systems, and how we function in our environment are not only important dimensions of health, but are a contributing factor to disease states. Identifying and addressing the impact that stress and life events have on a patient’s health is an important facet of naturopathic treatment. We are trained to counsel on diet, lifestyle, stressors, exercise, and occupational or environmental hazards as an integral part of the naturopathic treatment program.

Homeopathic medicine

HomeopathyHomeopathic medicine is a natural, nontoxic therapeutic system of healing that uses minute amounts of plant, mineral or animal substances to stimulate the inherent ability of the body to heal itself. Homeopathy restores the body to homeostasis, or healthy balance, which is considered its natural state. The symptoms of a disease are regarded as the body’s own defensive attempt to correct its imbalance, rather than as enemies to be defeated. Homeopathic remedies are designed to stimulate this internal curative process rather than suppress the symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are particularly effective for depression, anxiety, allergies, infections, gynecological concerns, skin conditions, digestive problems, chronic and acute conditions including colds and flu. The causes of your symptoms are unique to you; therefore we will examine the cause of your pain or illness before prescribing appropriate homeopathic remedies.

Physical Medicine

Physical Medicine can treat many different health concerns and involves massage techniques, lymphatic drainage techniques, hydrotherapy (the therapeutic use of hot and cold water), sauna therapy and exercise to restore balance to your body. These hands-on therapies can provide the following benefits:

  • lymphImprove joint movement
  • Relieve muscular tension
  • Enhance healing
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Increase immune response
  • Relieve acute and chronic pain
  • Enhance musculoskeletal function
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Increase relaxation
  • Reduce stress
  • Release endorphins
  • Clear out cellular waste
  • Detoxify
  • Decrease acidity
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduce swelling

Other advanced natural and Bioenergetic methods

The use of naturopathic therapies varies by practitioner and province/state.  I have additional training in energetic therapies such as Reiki and BodyTalk.